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Construction Labor Source (CLS) is an online business to business network for contractors, builders, staffing companies, and qualified tradespeople to find one another through online profiles and trade specific searches.

CLS is a direct network among building professionals and employment seekers. This online community is dedicated to construction labor, where labor of any type (either independent labor or trade contractors) can create free profiles highlighting and showcasing their skills.

Contractors and builders can then have direct access to this labor pool, helping them find the labor they need when they need it, thereby increasing efficiency and profitability, and thus driving down construction costs (a portion of which can be passed along to the client, creating a win-win-win situation).

Whether you are an individual tradesman, a labor crew, or a contractor or subcontractor, you can create a free profile that will allow you to post photos, references, and a description of your skills and services. Contractors, builders, and staffing companies in need of labor will then be able to locate you quickly and easily via access to the labor pool.